Catholic Diocese Jersey

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The Welcome Centre in Val Plaisant, adjacent to St Thomas' Church, is our HQ and is there for the use of any seafarer who can get ashore and visit. 

We come under the control of our Chaplain Deacon Rev. Roger Stone,  who is the Port Chaplain for Sussex, Hants, Dorset and Jersey. Rev. Stone is based in Southampton Seafarers Centre 12 - 14 Queens Terrace, southampton. He can be contacted on 07963345618 or by email at:

We have six volunteer ship visitors in Jersey, Peter Bewers, Peter Farrell, Terry Brown, Mike Cassidy, Margaret Lynes and Dennis Troy - please contact 07797714471 or email: Parish contact is Peter Amy 01534 482892.

Our volunteer ship visitors welcome visiting seafarers, visit them on board ships, offer welfare services and advice, practical help, pastoral care and friendship.

Our mission - We reach out to seafarers, caring for their needs and providing practical and pastoral help.

Solidarity - We stand alongside seafarers, recognising them as our brothers and sisters in need. We campaign for their rights to be upheld and their intrinsic human dignity to be acknowledged.

Welfare - Recognising that seafarers are men and women with human needs, we stand alongside them when they are abandoned, exploited, lonely and deprived.

Hospitality We welcome seafarers to our shores and visit them on boardship or invite them to ecumenical centres where they can contact loved ones back home, relax and be sure of an attentive ear.

Apostleship of the Sea 39 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1BX Charity No: 1069833 Company Registration No: 3320318

Apostleship of the Sea Christmas Appeal 29 October to 30 November  2016

Every day of the week, an average of five vessels berth at the Port of Jersey, bringing nearly 99% of all the goods that are necessary for the Island's daily life, plus passengers and cars to boost our economy. These vessels have to be crewed and seafarers rarely have the opportunity to leave their ships. Each Christmas the Apostleship of the Sea and the Mission to Seafarers join together and visit the ships with practical gifts for the crews on your behalf. We are asking you once again, to knit woolly hats (knitting pattern attached below) and/or donate some small toiletry items: bar of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and a Christmas Card from you ‘to a Seafarer’ thanking them for their work.  A collection box will be available in each church.