Catholic Diocese Jersey

Thought of the week

Today we celebrate the great Feast of Pentecost. On this day there was the “baptism“ of the Church! She was born and went out to proclaim to everyone the Gospel about Christ and His Resurrection. The Holy Spirit was, is and will be “the soul“of the Church. We can find His presence everywhere in the life of the Church – in the Scriptures, in the Teachings of the Church, in the Sacraments, the Liturgy, private prayer and in the witness of saints and work of missionaries.

Who is the Holy Spirit - In the Creed we confess “He is the Lord, the giver of Life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son.” For us, human beings, it is very difficult to have a picture of Him, because He is invisible.

It may be helped by some images from the Scripture or teachings of the Church:

Fire – symbolizes the powerful and transforming energy of the Holy Spirit.

Air - as a wind or breath, symbolizes the spiritual life.

Water - symbol of a new Life at the Holy Baptism effected by Him.

Dove  -  symbol of the Holy Spirit at the baptism of Jesus.

Anointing by oil - present at the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders.

With the Holy Spirit we can do what we could not do on our own.

“Man by himself is nothing, but with the Holy Spirit he is great“ (St John Vianney)

Let us ask today that the Holy Spirit strengthens in our hearts a great love for God and neighbour.

May the Power of the Holy Spirit transform our Parish; every parishioner, member of clergy, organisation or group, children, youth and adults, everyone and everything.

So, we pray that Our Lord sends us:

The Spirit of Fear of the Lord – that we may be filled with a loving reverence towards You.

The Spirit of Piety – that we may find peace and fulfilment in the service of God and others.

The Spirit of Fortitude – that we may bear our crosses with You.

The Spirit of Knowledge – that we may know You, ourselves and grow in holiness.

The Spirit of Understanding - that we may have our minds enlightened by Your Truth.

The Spirit of Counsel – that we may choose the surest way of doing your Will.

The Spirit of Wisdom – that we may aspire to the things of Heaven, not of the world.

Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of the faithful and enkindle within them the fire of your love.


Fr Francis