Catholic Diocese Jersey

Thought of the week

‘The revolutionary hymn of the Virgin,’ is what I once heard Mary’s Magnificat called. We make it our own in place of the Psalm at Mass this weekend. Yes, it is revolutionary in turning the table on the rich whom God will send away empty, while the starving he will fill with good things.

What Mary said fulfils the prophecy of Isaiah that the Messiah would be “sent to bring good news to the poor, to bind up hearts that are broken”. He went on to proclaim “liberty to captives, freedom to those in prison”. This obviously should not inspire us to support a ‘breakout’ from La Moye, but to recognise that we ourselves are sometimes made captive by our own addictions and obsessions and many are imprisoned by their physical and spiritual poverty and lack of opportunity.

Advent calls us to make what contribution we can. Whether it is in the ‘Giving Tree’ or supporting the second collection today for the Society of St Vincent de Paul. These opportunities invite us to show unselfish care for unknown others, at a time when we reach out to friends and family with cards and presents.

In the Gospel, John the Baptist bears witness to the light that will come. The light is Christ. In his light we need to look first at ourselves and work quietly on the darkness that hides within us – the selfishness, the lack of forgiveness and the lack of love which keeps the light of good news from so many people. On larger social issues – like justice and peace – which require the witness of a caring community, we are challenged by the Gospel to work together.


Father Nicholas